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HaviSolutions’ support on Software as a service (SaaS) helps to use different software on pay-as-you-go basis. We offer reliable support on the use of each app and help to connect with your users on the Internet. We will connect to the SaaS infrastructure, middleware, app software and app data located on the service provider’s data center. The service agreement that you sign with us ensures the availability and the security of the app and your data as well.

There is a remarkable difference between standard software, and Software as a service (SaaS). In the standard software the business user need to build the server, install the application and configure it. In the SaaS, the user makes use of a remote server and application. So, there are no installation costs in SaaS. The user pays subscription or rent for use of the remote IT infrastructure and accessibility.

HaviSolutions helps to reduce costs by providing access to shared or multitenant environment. We also help in reducing the hardware and software license costs which are very helpful for small and medium businesses working on shoestring budgets. HaviSolutions' SaaS services offer high level of scalability and integration. The cloud environment can be scaled, and even integrated with other SaaS offerings. This benefit comes with no need to buy or own any IT infrastructure, but by paying a subscription/rent for SaaS services availed. Significantly, we allow users to test the software functionality or the new release in advance. Enough flexibility is provided users to use SaaS offerings and test the software before it is used in a full-fledged way.


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