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Usually, the software purchased off-the-shelf needs to be customized as per your business needs. HaviSolutions involves in End to End custom implantation using industry standard best practices. Custom apps for specific domains are in high demand. According to a study, customized apps have helped 82% of the businesses to earn additional business revenues. HaviSolutions' domain specific application customization helps businesses to partially or fully personalize their apps to suit their business needs.


We customize your mobile apps partially or fully, so that they serve your business needs. Usually, our customizations address larger groups with diverse requirements. Businesses that may be small, medium or large are taking advantage of the customized business apps. This will help them to stay competitive and increase productivity. HaviSolutions' domain specific apps customization brings the following benefits,

Improves Efficiency:

Each business app is developed into a comprehensive app that can help in performing diverse functions and surely does away with the need for multiple apps

Offers High Scalability:

Every app has its time duration, and its usefulness depends on timely updates. Our custom made apps can be scaled up easily as per the business needs and customer's expectations

Secures Your App Data:

When we create custom apps for your domain specific business, we ensure high level of security

Integrates With Existing Software:

We ensure that all domain specific apps customization is greatly integrated with the existing software

Easy to Maintain:

It becomes easy to maintain your custom app, than to rely on apps that do not allow for changes. Significantly, you have complete control over your apps with no dependencies

Improves Customer Relationship:

Our custom apps help you to send personalized updates related to products and services in real-time. By this you can leverage and improve long-term customer relationships

Greater Accountability:

Custom apps provide for recording of customer feedback (voice recording). This feedback can be stored, and later accessed for study, improving accountability and offer better customers relationships.


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