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“Today, global business is marked by highly individualized offerings with great obsession for total customer satisfaction. HaviSolutions' IT consulting services help businesses to rise-up to these challenges. We move a step ahead to achieve cost control and create value across the enterprise. Significantly, we elevate insight and experience systematically to generate value for our clients".

Our IT consulting services are focused on developing industry-specific solutions. So, our offer of IT solutions to each industry depends on the business environment, competition and customer expectations.


Here our focus is definitely on maintaining business continuity and service delivery. The challenges are phenomenal, as bank's customers expect round-the-clock banking services. This calls for putting in place efficient processes with strategies and solutions that help banks to grow, and equally serve the customers' interests.


To cope with the corona virus pandemic, consumer goods and retail sector is revamping its supply chain mechanisms. HaviSolutions offers a flexible and robust digital foundation that anticipates disruptions holistically. We provide a proactive, reliable and innovative solution to the retail sector to keep pace with the fluctuating demand and fulfillment cycle.


One phenomenal impact of the pandemic on global healthcare is witnessed as changed delivery mechanisms. The focus of the consumers is on digital healthcare channels. HaviSolutions takes the global healthcare organizations to the next level of excellence. Our IT teams will collaborate and persevere to create new digital capabilities for the healthcare industry. Importantly, our focused efforts will be to help our clients face the challenges associated with better patient care and quality delivery in the long term.


Today, the global manufacturer has greater opportunity to make innovative products with strong focus on personalization and efficiency. HaviSolutions offers end-to-end support on data, analytics, artificial intelligence, new digital skills and technologies. By imparting new capabilities we empower you to make critical business decisions based on real-time contextual data.


HaviSolutions' digital transformation helps the global logistics industry to plan, procure and fulfill its requirements. We like to ensure that all bottlenecks in the logistics sector are overcome by adopting the right digital supply chains. For this, we modernize and integrate even the most complex T&L systems.

Life sciences & Pharma:

Innovation is the key to success in the global pharma industry. Today, the pharma industry faces the challenge of integrating digital into your overall business strategy. Equally, the digital needs to be embedded into the business culture for greater focus on stakeholder experiences. HaviSolutions helps the pharma sector to redefine its operations, the digital way. Significantly, HaviSolutions' support on virtual healthcare, data science and digital interoperability helps the pharma sector to remain effective and competitive.


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